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<> Hunt Rules <>


> Announcements of hunts <>

The host will make the time schedule for the hunts. Hunts will be announced on clan chat at 30, 15 and 5 minutes prior to the hunt starting. The host will also announce where we will gather to discuss where the hunting will take place.


<> Amount of kindred it takes to call it a clan hunt <>

At least 3 members ( including host ) should attend to make it an official clan hunt. The more kindred that go, the more fun and productive hunts can be.


<> Who may attend the clan hunts besides kindred? <> 

Your Spouses, Blood Brother / Sisters, Alt-Characters that are registered with the clan. Friends are not considered eligible to attend clan hunts.


<> Locations of Clan Hunts <>

Location of the hunts will be determined by host and on the levels of the respective kindred that attend. Please keep in mind that we may have kindred of all levels attending and must choose a location that all can enter.  The host does reserve the right to switch the location of the hunt.

<> Helpers during hunt <>

The host will assign as many family members needed  to gather drops ( which will be donated to family ) and immediately after the hunt, will be deposited into the clan bank. If a helper must leave for whatever reason, please give your collected items to the host.

** Remember that all drops that are collected are for family, kingdom events and events we hold within the clan. No drops may be kept by kindred but purchasing of an item can be done by speaking with any council member **


<> Length of time for a hunt <>

Hunts will be a minimum of 1 hour. Members are to stay for at least 30 minutes to receive points. A hunt can last longer if the host is able to stay, if not, then the drops will be collected by the host and deposited into the bank. 



Please note that all Family Hunt Rules are subject to change.


Detailed Hunt Rules and Conduct 



<> SanSin Clan Hunt Rules & Conduct <>




For the enjoyment and safety of all clan hunts hosted, below is a list of rules that all participants should and will adhere to while in family hunts.  Please remember this is a family hunt and everyone should receive experience together, especially the younger members. After all this is a clan hunt and like a family we should watch one another and stay together.


Following each rule is essential to your participation:


Participants must obey the Hunt Host during the family hunts, so they are safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Only the Hunt Host will be the Group Leader for the hunts. This means he/she will group or un-group someone before the beginning of the Clan Hunt or while it's in progress. Please do not group anyone unless the host asks you to assist them. Breaking of this rule can lead to being removed from the clan hunt.


Clan Hunts can only be hosted by Hunt Hosts ( either a Path Assistant or any Council Member ).


Participants must arrive at the SanSin Hall at least 5 minutes before the hunt is scheduled to begin to begin the process of choosing the appropiate cave for the hunt based on the levels of the participants.


Everyone must stick together during the whole hunt. Hunts are supposed to unite the group, not to spread them out. Running ahead for boss checking, leaving people behind or separating from the group is not allowed.


During the Family Hunts, nobody will be left behind. The group will only advance to the next room if the Host announces it to the family.


If someone happens to D/C the group will wait in the room of the D/C for 3 minutes, if the person doesn't return during this time the group may proceed normally. If member D/C 3 times they will be removed from the group until their d/c issue is resolved. Then the family member will be allowed back into the hunt. This is not intended to punish you but rather for the safety of the other family members during the hunt.


If someone needs to AFK during the hunt, the host must be notified and then the necessary attention will be given to you and to your protection.


Hosts can designate family member(s) before or during hunts that can help to collect drops for the family. No one else is allowed to pick up any items during the hunt, If any are missed please let the hunt host know.      


During a Family Hunt, if another group of any size is in any room that the family arrives in, the host will move the family to another room. The Family will not steal kills from anyone if they are in a room first.  All family members will then move on. Anyone who doe s not follow this rule will be un-grouped and asked to leave the hunt.


If members wander off constantly the host will give you a warning.  If you continue this unwanted behavior the host will then ungroup you.


If someone can't stay for the whole hunt, they must inform the Host before leaving,.


All Clan Hunt must be a minimum of 1 hour. 

Hunts are not meant for any Minor Quests you may be on.  If you are caught coming onto a hunt just for the sole purpose of accomplishing one, you will be banned from family hunts for a minimum of 5 days and can be fined.




SanSin Clan Hunt Form


****Please look at the Forms page for the official Clan Hunt Form or click on the link below****

SanSin Clan Hunt Form



Please keep in mind that items located within the website are subject to change.

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