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<> SanSin Justice <>



<>  Justice Laws <>


<> All clan justice issues will be handled by the Clan Justice official, Primogen/ess, Primarch and or Council ( if necessary ).

<> Do not get involved in conflicts with kindred. If any matter should arise keep in mind that you should try to resolve it peacefully amongst each other.

<> Any accusations or conflicts should be immediately brought to the attention of the Primogen/ess, Primarch, Clan Justice Official or Council Members. Remember we are here to assist you arbitrarily.

<> All clan members will obide by clan laws, rules and regulations including kingdom justice laws. Any member proven to have broken these rules and laws will be subject to clan penalties which may include warning, fines, lose of clan points, demotion in rank or even possible exile from the clan.

<> If kingdom justice jails a kindred, depending on red branding, may also face additional penalties from SanSin Clan.

<> If ever there should arise a conflict with any Council Members or Justice Officials, you may request a private meeting with the Primogen/ess or Primarch.

<> The word of your Primogen/ess on any family matter is to be considered a final resolution. The Primogen/ess may override a decision made by a Clan Justice Official in the event that new evidence is presented.



<>  Family Resources  <>



<> Clan Chat <>

<> Keep your personal matters to a minimal.

<> Clan chat should be utilized for IC ( in character ) chat but OOC ( out of character ) is allowed as long as it is not disruptive.

<> If asked to remove your conversation from clan chat by any council member you must do so without question. 


 <> Clan Board  <> 

<> Personal posts are discouraged and should be kept to whispers or n-mail unless addressing the clan as a majority.

<> No unofficial polls and/or petitions.

<> Refrain from any bashing, insulting or degrading of your fellow kindred.

<> The Primogen/ess reserves the the right to delete posts:

      * if the post are inappropriate and without warning

      * if the post are outdated and without warning


<>  Family Meetings  <>

  The following rules apply to all meetings:

<> Alert the host if you wish to speak. Remember we all have a voice but courtesy comes first and foremost.

<> Make an effort to not speak over the host.

<> Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and can lead to a fine of 100 Ambers or a coin fine up to 50,000 coins after a verbal warning per offense and a Justice Receipt will be given for documentation. 

<> No spells will be casted during meetings.

<> No weapons will be worn during meetings.


<>  Kindred Conduct  <>

<> A full listing of Kindred Conduct can be found on the Rules & Regulation section under kindred conduct.  

These guidelines should be followed at all times:

<> No misuse of spells or authority.

<> No harrassment of fellow clannies and/or citizens of these or any other lands.

<> No theft of property or scamming of fellow clannies and/or citizens.

<> No profane and/or abusive language

<> No disruptive actions during any meetings and/or events


<>  Visitors  <>

<> Visitors are allowed and welcomed in the clan hall. Upon entrance to the clan hall the visitors are bound to Clan Laws. Visitors will be welcomed to use of crafting rooms as long as YOU accompany them.

<> Visitors will be accompanied by clan member at all times. Any negative actions committed by a visitor will reflect upon the clan member and can lead to penalties.

<> Under no circumstances are exiled members allowed in hall.

<> Always make sure that your Group On button is off in order not to have unwanted visitors within the halls.


Penalties & Fines


<> Penalties <>



Please keep in mind that the following will apply but is not limited to:

Inappropriate Language ( whether it may be on clan chat or spoken aloud ), Breaking of Clan Chat Rules, Disruptive Behavior ( during clan events, family meetings, clan chat, spoken aloud, etc.. ), Harrassment of any sort, Theft of Property or any unwanted behavior.

Below is a penalty guideline that we will follow for any offences that are committed and please keep in mind that any penalty is NOT considered a donation and will NOT warrant any clan points. Rather penalties are considered fines and depending on the severity may lead to exile.



<> Penalties & Fines <>



1st Offense

<> All verbal warnings that are given will be documented and a Justice Receipt will be given to the Kindred.  A copy of the Justice Receipt will be kept for record keeping and for the review of the Primogen/ess.

2nd Offense

<> If there is a re-occurence of a documented offense, a 50,000 coin and 100 Amber fine will be given. In addition to the fine ( depending on the severity of the offense ) , you may be subject to the removal of personal clan titles and a Clan Justice Official alongside a council member. All items discussed will be documented in the form of a Justice Receipt.

3rd Offense

<> If there is a 3rd re-occurence of a documented offense, a 100,000 coin and 200 Dark amber fine will be given. In addition, a meeting with the Promogen/ess or Primarch and the Clan Justice Official will occur on the status of your clan membership and documented in the form of a Justice Receipt.

4th Offense

<> If there is a 4th re-occurense of any documented offense or depending on the severity of the offense, a Family Council meeting will be called with the family member(s) in question. A decision will be made at this point to either immediately exile the family member(s) from clan ( along with all known characters depending on the severity of the offense  ) or removed from the clan with a possible re-admittance to the clan after a 3 or 6 month period ( depending on the severity of the offense ).  The family member will be notified and documented in the form of a Justice Receipt.

NoteFine for disruptive behavior during Family Meetings or Family Events

*****  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and can lead to a fine of 100 Ambers or a coin fine up to 50,000 coins after a verbal warning per offense and a Justice Receipt will be given for documentation.  ******



****Fines Regarding Removable Red Marks****



Red marks that can be removed via a Chongun guide is semi-tolerated, only if we see that you are trying to have it removed. Please be aware that you will still be subject to a 200 Dark amber and $200,000 coin fine. This fine is Non-Negotiable and is NOT considered a family donation for clan points.

If you have a Red Mark that is non-removable by a Chongun Guide and requires a Royal Pardon ( Example of crimes that require royal pardons: Sage Abuse, Sexual Harrassment, Serious Crimes, Bug abuse & Murder ) may require that you be removed from the clan and asked to re-apply once the mark has been removed from your legend.



<>  Grounds for Immediate Exile  <>


<> Treason to either the Kingdom of Buya or the SanSin Clan.

<> Theft of any kind ( unless you have tried to return items to its rightful owner and have screen shots  to prove this action ).

<> Kindred Murder during Family Hunts or personal hunts or in any PK area without consent. ( Please have screen shots to prove these actions ).

<> Showing disrespect or failing to follow a reasonable requests from any Council Member ( Please have screen shots to prove these actions and be aware that you may request personal hearing with the Primogen/ess, Primarch & Official Clan Justice to address these types of complaints ).

<> Refusal to cooperate with Primogen/ess, Primarch or Clan Justice Officials while an investigation of a complaint is in progress.

<> Kingdom Jailings - All Kingdom Jailings will be handled on a case by case basis but may result in Exile from the clan pending on the severity of the crime.


***** Special Note *****

 If any Council Member or Path Assistant of the SanSin Council is jailed, they will automatically be removed from their Council Position and stripped of any Personal Clan Title by the Primogen/ess without prior consent of the Council. Council Members or Path Assistants that are removed from their positions will be then be subject to the Family Penalties and Fines and please note this is Non-Negotiable.

If a mark can be removed by a Chongun Guide, former Council Members & Path Assistants may re-apply for any OPEN positions that are available at the time. This does not mean you qualify to have your old council position back at the time of re-application. In addition to re-applying for any council position, please note that all council members must be unanimous in their decision to have you come back onto Council or as a Path Assistant.



<>  Justice Forms  <>


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