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SanSin Clan of Buya

SanSin Clan History

As with many stories, please remember that the story told here is based on Ancient Korean Mythology. Our Story is not of based on all the differents Gods or different mystical beasts that are located within the Realm of the Nexus. Instead our story is based on the Mighty God, Shin and his Guardian Hwang - Gung ( better known as the Chung Ryong ). This is the story of how the two creations of Shin came to be and how they started the family called the SanSin Clan.


Our story begins:



In the beginning, there was emptiness, except for a single star. From this star came forth the divine God Shin. Shin began to form the moon, the sun, waters and the lands, and with these creations, the Nexus was born. Once the last tree and mountain was placed upon the realm, Shin then decided to create wildlife that would enrich the lands. Shin then began to create all sorts of creatures, some which were big to little tiny ones. Once the final deer, rabbit and butterfly were placed in the wilderness he looked upon his creation yet again. Still unsatisfied with what he created, Shin felt that there was something missing. He thought for a moment and then decided to also created four mystical creatures that would protect all that we know. These creatures he created were special creatures and truly mystical as he gave each one different magical abilities. Later on, these creatures were known as the Four Totem Guardians.

First was Hwang - Gung (Chung - Ryong) who was full of strength and was very brave. He controls the weather and is very close to Phoenix. His element is wood.

Next was Suzaku (Ju - Jak), a mythical bird that never dies. As the end of her life approaches, she builds a nest of aromatic branches and spices, sets it on fire and consumes herself in flames. After three days, the rebirth of the new Phoenix would arise from the ashes. She is the Guardian of life and very close to Chung Ryong. Her element is fire.


Byakko (Baekho) followed and he was quick, smart and very cunning. Baekho was lord of the mountains and protector of the dead. His element is metal.

Last but not least was Genbu (Hyun - Moo). She symbolized long life and happiness. Bearer of wisdom and the vault of the universe. Her element is water.


After Shin finished with his creations, he sat upon his throne in the heavens to admire this beautiful new world. Some time had passed and it was then that Shin thought of some new creations. He was lonely and longed for creatures who might follow in his footsteps and so he created two new creatures. These two new creations, which he named MythicKnight for the male and Zanna for the female, were formed. These two creatures were now his first human creations and so were like his children. Many more of these wonderful creatures followed.


Many Yuris had passed, both MythicKnight and Zanna grew into strong and intelligent creatures. They tended to the earth and grew food. They gathered wool to create cloth for clothes. They gathered wood to make a home and fug up Ore to make into metal for their dishes. MythicKnight and Zanna were developing just as Shin had planned, both were prosperous and mindful.


One night as MythicKnight and Zanna finished gathering firewood, MythicKnight noticed a new cave and motioned for Zanna to follow. As they approached the mouth of the cave, a low rumble could be heard from deep within the cave. They entered the cave to see what they would discover. As they walked further in, the rumble began to grow louder and the ground on which they stood began to tremble. They froze and were too scared to even attempt to move. Then a faint light appeared ahead of them and it was coming closer to them and growing brighter as it approached. They stood in awe, for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly the glowing sphere began to grow and take shape. A tail began to emerge from the floating ball of light, then one leg with three huge claws and then another and another until there were four. Then a head appeared with horns and scales that connected to a tremondous body. Finally, huge aqua-colored wings emerged from this incredible creature which they soon identified as a dragon.


It was one of the guardians, Hwang-Gung (Chung - Ryong). He was sent by Shin, to find both MythicKnight and Zanna and inform them of his newest idea. He wished for them to create a place in which all could be as one. Shin wanted them to learn to fight and defend themselves against enemies (which he created at some point for his pleasure and entertainment), gather items to grow and learn new things as a family. Shin hoped that with the knowledge that they had attained, they would pass it along to others and live a better life.


After all was said and done, Zanna formed a bond with some of the new people she found. Soon after, Zanna was summoned by Shin and he spoke to her about her calling to the ones called, "Monks". It was at this time, Shin asked her to pass her knowledge and strength to someone to help MythicKnight continue building this family. Zanna then went to speak to Hwang-Gung and soon after decided to then pass her knowledge and power to the one called BlkTigress. BlkTigress and MythicKnight would then continue to prosper and bring the community of people together as one. Buya would be the realm they would call home and with their community of people they addressed as their family, the formation of the SanSin Clan began. The name SanSin was made in the honor of Shin, the mighty God that created our beloved founders, MythicKnight and Zanna.


Today, as we speak, the family known as SanSin Clan, continues to unite those in need of a family but that is a story that is best told when you join us.


RP for the SanSin Clan

  Our role play is based on the concept of family.  We see each other as family members rather than kindred members. What makes SanSin unique in its role play is that we apply this role play from the moment you enter our family.

The Original Name for SanSin & Date it was Originally Founded?

The orginal name for the SanSin Clan was Celestials Clan which was orginally founded by BlkTigress & MythicKnight on Hyul 2, Moon 4 ( August 21, 2006 ). BlkTigress was also the first and only Primogeness for Celestials until she decided to step down and give the role of Primogen to MythicKnight our current Primogen ( also the first Primogen of SanSin Clan ).

The Re-Birth of the Celestials Clan into the SanSin Clan

The Celestials Clan was renamed the SanSin Clan on Hyul 13, Moon 1( December 21, 2007 ). The name was chosen by our family after 3 days of deliberation and this is our story.

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