SanSin Clan

SanSin Clan of Buya

Converting Nexus Time into Real Time

  Time Conversion

1 nexus hour =
1 nexus day =
1 totem time =
1 nexus week =
1 nexus month =
1 nexus year =
7 minutes, 30 seconds
3 hours
45 minutes
21 hours
about 3 days, 18 hours
about 44 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes

Sage Spell

Sage spells

Sage (Shared Wisdom) is the ability for all paths over the level 90 to broadcast their sayings to everyone in the kingdom. 

The Share wisdom spells can be learned from 'The Sage', an old man who lives in the wilderness at 0126 0007. The cost to learn this spell is 100,000 coins. You can upgraded to next level of Sage every 2 Hyuls (or every 90 days) for the same price of 100,000 coins. You can also click on the old man to see how many days are remaing to earn your nest sage level. Keep in mind there are 5 levels of sage available. The fifth and final sage is the one that is needed for Sam trials. Total cost for learning all 5 levels of sage is 500,000 coins.

This is how the sage levels work:

Share Wisdom - Level 1 sage - 900 seconds or 15 minute aethers
It works only on Mythic nexus, wilderness, carnage games and events.

Mentor's Wisdom - Level 2 sage - 600 seconds or 10 minute aethers
It works only on Mythic nexus, wilderness, carnage games and events.

Kingdom Wisdom (Buya, Koguryo, Nagnang) - Level 3 sage - 600 seconds or 10 minute aethers
It works only on Mythic nexus, wilderness, carnage games and events and the home kingdom of the caster. Works just like level 2 for neutral villagers.

Kingdom Sage (Buya, Koguryo, Nagnang) - Level 4 sage - 300 seconds or 5 minute aethers
It works only on Mythic Nexus, wilderness, carnage games and events and the home kingdom of the caster.

Sage's wisdom - Level 5 sage - 300 seconds or 5 minute aethers
It works everywhere. This level is the maximum the citizens can achieve and it is the one needed for Sam san trial.

Other sages available that you may see:

The Blue sage:
The blue sage is an ability given to primogens, elders and ministers to have a different kind of sage which is used for events only. The sage name goes by the position held by the person who has it and has pretty low aethers, yet it has strict laws for the ones who gain this ability.

Please note: If someone is arrested, the sage spell is automatically removed and you must wait at least 2 Hyuls before attempting to learn the Sage spells again. Please remember that Sage spells have a very specific law on its usage. Abusing it shall be considered a crime. For more information please read the Shared Wisdom Law on the Law board.

Changing Alignments

Changing Alignments

 Many times we choose our alignments in haste and then we make the realization we chose incorrectly. If this has happen to you then know there is a way to change your alignments. The path to making the change is difficult but its benefit is rewarding.

To do this quest:

<> Must be level 99
<> At least 20000 Vitality
<> At least 10000 Mana
<> Trigram Key-set ( make sure you keep the key separate )

The following are the steps you will need to take:

1) Go to your guild master and forget ALL your spells.

2) Go to the Tiger Palace located in the Northen Pass via the Arctic Land at 025,001. Speak with the Shaman there and hand her your keys in this order, reading everything she says as you go: Pond, Heaven, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Water, Earth, Mountain. You will be unlocked and may enter.

Note: Many have tried going in dead but as of late once you enter the palace you are brought back to life. Make sure you dont bring any Break On Death ( BOD ) items.

3) Journey to the second to last room, Sun Hearth. Here is a set of directions with coordinates between rooms:

Earth Palace   -->  Sea Palace -------- 0,11
Sea Palace     -->  Labryinth ---------- 0,17
Labryinth       -->  Sun Palace -------- 15,0
Sun Palace     -->  Earth Stripes ------ 18,0
Earth Stripes  -->  Sun Splash -------- 0,13
Sun splash     -->  Elancia ------------- 0,19
Elancia           -->  Cross Palace ----- 10,23
Cross Palace  -->  Rose Palace ------ 13,0
Rose Palace   -->  Sun Hearth -------- 15,0
Sun hearth     -->   Last Remorse ---- 28,9

4) When you reach this room, say "Cleanse Curse". You will be confronted.

5) Reveal that you need help.

6) Your old Alignment will be removed and as well as 10,000 vitality / 5,000 mana will be taken from you permanently. Change your Alignment in any of the Shrines and learn your new alignment with its spells.

How to Make Lanterns

Making Lanterns

The following are the items you will need in order to make a lantern:

<> 1 Beef
<> 1 White paper
<> 1 Ginko wood
<> 1 Hot coal

How to make hot coal:
<> Go to Sanhae smith and say "Coal"
<> You will get a pop up and it will ask you if you wish to purchase a piece for 20 coins.
<> Go to Arena and buy a Flash dust for 5 coins.

Now you need to utilize the Creation System by pressing shift + i. Now you will need to add the Coal and Flash dust.
Press ok and you get Hot coal.

Once again you will need to utilize the Creation System by pressing shift + i and add the following items: 
<> 1 Beef
<> 1 White paper
<> 1 Ginko wood
<> 1 Hot coal
Press ok and now you will find in your inventory a lantern.

Warrior Rages

Rage is an incremental fury that can be casted every 120 seconds. It will require more mana, Add more AC, and boost damage for each consecutive casting. In addition, the spell will drain a certain amount of vitality after it wears out. Mana values listed are the lowest possible mana required to cast the next level of the spell.


For any new warrior out there, please keep in mind that once you get the spell for Rage, you do not need to buy anything to get to the next level. just re-cast the spell.


Rage level  Min mana req   Damage     Ac     Vita taken after


Rage 1    -        2,000      -    8X     -   +0     -   20%

Rage 2    -        7,200      -   14X    -   +0     -   20%

Rage 3    -      18,050      -   20X    -   +5     -   20%

Rage 4    -      33,800      -   26X    -  +15    -   40%

Rage 5    -      72,200      -   36X    -  +30    -   60%

Rage 6    -    145,800      -   81X    -  +50    -   90%



( Note: The bonus damage from a fury spell will not stack with Chung Ryong's rage. )


Rage 1: 2,000 mana                   Rage 2: 7,200 mana          Rage 3: 18,500 mana

6x damage                                    9x damage                           12x damage

  +0 AC                                             +0 AC                                    +5 AC

20% vita taken.                            20% vita taken.                     20% vita taken.


  Rage 4: 33,800 mana              Rage 5: 72,200 mana       Rage 6: 145,800 mana

18x damage                               27x damage                         81x damage

   +15 AC                                        +30 AC                                  +50 AC

   40% vita taken.                          60% vita taken.                     90% vita taken.


** New Update as of May 9th, 2008 for all you warriors.

It was always known that when Rage 6 ends our vitality and mana dropped to 1 Vita. There was a recent update that just changed that. At the end of our Rage, our stats will now drop to 10% of our health ( not 1 vita ) and have no mana penalty ( whatever mana we currently have will remain the same ).

Hair Salon's: Locations  & Available Styles with Prices


<>     Hair Color & Dyes with Locations     <>


Listed below are the coordinates for the Hair Shops in Buya, Koguryo and Nangnag.

Kugnae   -  169, 125
Nagnang -   070, 080
Buya       -  118, 134

As you go into these shops you get a pop-up box with a couple of choices available to you. Those choices are:

<>  A hair cut please  -  2,000 coins 

<>  I'd like a new hairdye  -  2,000 coins

<>  I'm here for a shave  -  2,500 coins

<>  I want a new beard  -  13,500 coins

<>  I'm here to redeem a voucher  -  Voucher from Kru's Item Shop

 Listed below are all the beards that are available

Short Beard  -  Full Beard  -  A Moustache  -  Whiskers

Listed below are the Universal Hair Dyes that are located in all the shops.

Black  -  Silver  -  Brown  -  Orange  -  Red  -  Green

Each of the Hair Shops do have 3 unique colors that are associated to them. Please look at the chart below for those dyes.

  Buya Salon           Koguryo Salon             Nangnag Salon

 Light Brown                Sky Blue                        Orchid

 Tan                             Dark Blue                       Purple

 Blonde                        Royal Blue                      Indigo

 In the chart below is the breakdown of all Hair Styles that are within each store.

 Buya Salon

 Koguryo Salon

 Nangnag Salon

 Wing Tips

Long Tied Back

  Long Fringe

 Buddah Long Top Knot

 Medium Razorback

 Short Fringe

 The Jester

 Short Razor Cut



 Long Tied Slick Hair

 Ceasar Cut

 Dread Locks


 Long Ceasar

 Retro Cut

 Sumo's Do

 West Wing

 Ice Cream Whip

The Surf

  East Wing

 Fluff Cut

 Floor Sweeper


 The Wooly Hair


 The Windmill

 Dual Horns


 Curlt Top

 Swept Out


 Curled Top with Bandana

 The Clown


 Balding Crew Cut

 The Elvis


 Notch Cut

 Short Snake Tail


 Brush Cut

 Mullet with Bandana


 Buzz Cut



 Curly Crew Cut

 Leather Weave


 Flat Top

 Split Curtain



 The Pineapple


 Razor Cut with Bandana

 Widge Cut with Bandana


 East Sweep with Bangs

 Mushroom Cut


 Fire Swept






 Short Ruffled Curltains






 The Pirate



 Bowl Cut


Please keep in mind that items located within the website are subject to change.

A special thanks to those who have not only taken the time to get the above information but also those who have taken their time to correct it.  Please keep in mind the information found within these pages is PUBLIC INFORMATION within Nexus: Kingdom of the Wind and is not the work or property of any one individual. Be careful with those trying to take credit for work they haven't updated or attained.

** Thank you also to any other site that has helped with the information gathered **

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