SanSin Clan

SanSin Clan of Buya

The Birth of the SanSin Clan 

On December 21st, 2007 the Celestials family was renamed the SanSin Family. This date signifies many changes for our family but it also showed the dedication we continue to have in our quest to become official.

Blktigress and her Decision

Blktigress, has chosen to stay as the Pimogeness of Celestials and help with the transfer of the family. Our primogeness made this decision because the Celestials family deserves to know directly from her why this change occured but more importantly it is just a name but it doesn't change who we are. 

MythicKnight is the New Primogen of SanSin

After some discussions, BlkTigress spoke to MythicKnight ( one of the original founders and the former Primarch of Celestials ) to take over SanSin as the new Primogen. MythicKnight not only accepted but promised Blktigress to continue her original quest to becoming official. This decision became effective Hyul 13.

New Events Coordinator

Offically as of February 23, 2008, the SanSin Family of Buya makes it official that Ipita has accepted the position as a Events Coordinator.

SanSin Clan Finally gets there Hall

On Thursday, May 8th 2008, we received notice from Mug that the Clan Hall and Garden for SanSin was ready for us to offical show the Community. May 8th marked the that SanSin Clan became whole with a clan hall to show the community our commitment to growth.

 ** Special thanks to Mug for allowing us to stay in our hall a day earlier before the community was invited to share with us our new home.

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday - May 11th, 2008 - Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommy's out there !! 

Changes to Membership Process

After much consideration, SanSin Clan changes their membership trials to encompass 2 trials vs 3 trials. With the removal of the Family Knowledge portion of the trial we remind all that while this phase is now gone it is never forgotten. Watch out for MK's Family Trivia quiz as this is a Clannie only event that is done via Clan Chat and a great way to get points.

Happy Father's Day

Sunday - June 15th, 2008 - Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there !! 

Master Points Keeper Appointed

For some time, Mythicknight and Zanna have been thinking of a better way to keep a track of points for everyone. After talking it over with some candidates, SanSin Clan is proud to present Sunkist to this new position.

Announcement of Lt. General ( SanSin Militia )

General Chopat of SanSin Militia rang in the new year by announcing his new Lt. General. Archileo serves not only as second in command in the Militia but as a motivator to the SanSin Family. Congratulations to Archileo !!

Festival of Romance 2009

During this year's Festival of Romance, the SanSin Family had lots of fun with the events. A special thanks goes out to Fizgid, MickeyLady, Zanna, Ipita and the other family members that helped make our booth so interactive and beautiful. With that said, the SanSin family also was the recipient of 2 awards:

Winner of the Most Creative and 300,000 coins

Winner of the Top Honor of Best Overall Booth and 500,000 coins

A New Primarch

After years of service to SanSin, Archileo was promoted to Primarch. He not only exemplifies the spirit of SanSin's motto but shares it with others.

Major Announcement Made by SanSin Militia

On Sunday March 8th, 2009, General Chopat made a tough decision but decided to Step down as General and promoted Archileo to SanSin's 3rd General. With this change, Chopat and the new General decided to that for the sake of the Militia, he would rather be the Lt. General.

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