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 We stride on becoming a unity for the community. Please keep in mind our family motto:

This clan was made by the people for the people

As Primogen of the SanSin Clan, I am here to support and continously stride to help our clan prosper and those who dwell within it. Time will pay off and we will all begin to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thank you for wanting to help in our cause and joining our growing family.


Please cut and paste the below form into an N-Mail and send it to Zanna or if you have any questions please feel free to ask any council member.


 Hello, are you interesting in joining the family of the
 SanSin Clan? If so, you have made a wise choice and may
 this be your forever home. To join, you need to fill out
 a simple application and it will be reviewed by our council.
 Do not be nervous! Good luck.


         S A N S I N   C L A N    A P P L I C A T I O N

*Send applications to Zanna or any Council Member*

Level (Minimum level is 20):

Current Kingdom you are residing in:

Why do you wish to join our family?:

Describe your qualities(loyal,kind etc): 

Why do you wish to join SanSin?

Do yo have any negative brands? Please let us know, and what they are for:

Name of your Sponsor(if attainable):
Have you ever been in any other Ring, Tribe or Clan (official or unofficial)? If so, can you let us know why you left?:

Have you ever held any council positions for any other Ring, Tribe or Clan?:


SanSin Council

MythicKnight <~> Primogen

Zanna <~> Primarch

Archileo <~> Life Primarch 

MickeyLady <~> BOP Hunt Mistress

Fizle <~> Events Manager

SanSin Clan Justice Form


Justice Form


If you have a complaint about a kindred, please fill out the form below and send it via N-Mail to Blacklobo (Clan Justice Official). In the event of absence of a Clan Justice Official, you may also send the form to the Primogen/ess or Primarch via N-Mail.



Date and Time of the Incident:

Law Violated:

Evidence ( Screen Shots or Witnesses ):

Brief Description of Incident:


SanSin Clan Hunt Form


Clan Hunt Form
Please feel free to cut and paste this form. All hunt forms must be Posted to the SanSin Clan Board and a copy N-Mailed to the Head Hunt Host . Please keep in mind that all kindred should N-Mail Zanna to be given points.
Clan Hunt Form

Host Name:
Date / Time:

Information on Participants that attended:



Items Gathered:

Comments (Please utilize this section to list and levels, deaths, bosses, etc.)
Levels gained:

10 clan points and 40 star points for everyone that stays 120 minutes.
7 clan points and 30 star points for everyone that stays 90 minutes.
5 clan points and 20 star points for everyone that stays 60 minutes
2 clan points and 10 star points for everyone that stays under 60 minutes to a minimum of 45 minutes.
1 clan point and 5 star points for everyone that stays under 45 minutes.

All Kindred MUST send a N-Mail to Zanna for clan points. If you do not send a N-Mail then NO points can be awarded.

Militia Form

So you are in a clan...(and the best one at that).

 Looking to be more involved in SanSin?

I have the answer! SanSin has a large and active Militia that is looking for new recruits(that means you)! Here in Militia we like to vary our daily activities from hunts, patrols, drills, and even the ocasional Streaking a lap around Buya just for fun!

Now it is time for you to tell me a little about yourself...


            Cut and paste the below into an N-mail and sent  to Archileo only !!


1. What is your name?

2. What is your path?

3. How will you help SanSin Militia?

4. Are you willing to participate in  clan activities?

5. What other positions are you in? ((Hunt host, Carnage host, Etc. ))

6. Are you willing to defend Buya and the Princess till your last breath?

7. Name 3 qualities a Soldier in SanSin Should have:

8. Are you able to help fellow citezens with their needs and concerns?

9.Who is the Princess and Emperor of Buya? (We need you to know because we directly guard them at times)

10. Lastly, write an RP story about yourself. (( To show that you can Roleplay )) 1 Paragraph


Please keep in mind that items located within the website are subject to change.

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